Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Glowing Polka Dot Jars

I was inspired to make these glow in the dark polka dot jars by this article I found on Pinterest:

(Sorry, I just don't know how to get a photo of these things glowing. You'll just have to imagine that part in your head LOL.)

My daughter is going to have a sleepover birthday party soon, and I thought that these would be a fantastic and fun way to add to the atmosphere of her party.  She heartily agreed.  :)  However, I didn't like the idea of flicking paint... it's just too messy for me.  And then it hit me... polka dots!!  We had our idea, so now I was off to get my supplies!

You can use whatever jars you may have on hand.  I didn't have any on hand, so I bought some.  They must be very clean so the paint will stick, so be sure to wash them well and let them thoroughly dry.  I chose to get wide-mouth jars, so that I have more space to work with.

I got some glow in the dark paint and little round foam brush things to do the painting.  I quickly realized that the handles on the brushes were way too long, so I cut them to only about 1/2 inch long.  That worked much better.

Edit: Unfortunately, this paint really didn't glow at all.  I would recommend using a different brand of paint, and test it on a scrap piece of paper or something first before painting your jars to make SURE it glows the way you want it to.

Here you see the jars after the first color is done.  And you can see the stubby little foam paint brush after I chopped off the handle LOL.  After each color, you need to let the paint dry for a few hours before doing the next color, otherwise you WILL smear the paint all over.  Ask me how I know.  :)

Once you're done with your colors and all the paint has dried, screw the lids on and voila!

I did learn an important lesson while working on this project, however.  Test your paint before you dive into the project.  I'm sorry to say that of these three colors, the yellow glows brightest, the green next, but I have a hard time seeing any of the orange glowing.  Make sure you're getting the results you want before you get all your jars painted.  (Oops!)

Even though they might not glow quite the way I want them to, they do glow at least a little and my daughter is thrilled with them.  In the end, that's all that matters, right?  :)


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    1. Thanks so much! It was a fun project to work on, I hope the kids at the party all like them. :)