Sunday, January 5, 2014

Making Celtic Solstice: Final Reveal

Bonnie surprised us by publishing the final clue of Celtic Solstice on New Year's Day!  It was definitely fun to see the final design and how all our units played together, but at the same time it was a sad day, knowing that we were done playing until next year.  Be that as it may, I got right to work on assembling my quilt.

First, we put together these blocks:

Next, we put together these blocks:

The blocks are set together so they alternate:

What a fantastic secondary design they create once they are put together!  I nearly fell over when I saw Bonnie's quilt all finished.  Of course, I had to lay out a few rows to see how the design would look in my colors:

Squeeeee!  Oh wow, I'm really loving this!

It took me 2 days to get the blocks assembled and the rows sewn together.  There I had to let this project sit while I got some work done on a project with a deadline.  But today was my play day, the day I save for MY projects, so I buckled down and finished my top:

Wowsa!  I really like the way this quilt has turned out!  This is as far as Bonnie's pattern took us.  However, I do have a plan to make the quilt bigger by adding a row of chevrons along the top and bottom, and then adding yet another border all the way around.

I may still do this, if I can find the right print for that outer most border.  I want to bring out more of the grey that is in the quilt, so if I can find a suitable print in grey with maybe some red and blue in it, that would be perfect.  I'm also rethinking the chevrons, I may instead make pinwheels or maybe 4-patches.  Do you have any thoughts on the matter?