Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Making Easy Street: Clue 8 Day 1

Clue #8 is the final clue in Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt, Easy Street.  She wasn't kidding that we'd be having a rapid-fire finish!  Whoa.  Yesterday she published Clue #7, and I managed to get that done.  So was I totally wrong in thinking I could finish Clue #8 in one day?

Well.  Either I underestimated the amount of work in this final clue, or I overestimated my ability and speed at which I could assemble these blocks.  Probably a good helping of both LOL.  I had originally wanted to finish this clue today.  But as I got started and began to understand the true amount of work involved, I thought I would just finish all 25 blocks (16 of Block A and 9 of Block B).  Around lunch time I realized that I'd be lucky to finish just the 16 of Block A by the time I had to cook dinner.  I was right!  After starting at around 9:00 am, I finished the last block just before 5:00 pm.  Whew!  And I promise I didn't goof off.  Much.  :)

I began the day by laying out the units needed for Block A.  We had to make 16 of this block.

Here are the pieces for all 16 blocks, all laid out.  If you take a moment to consider the size of these blocks, you'll understand why it took so long.  Each block is comprised of 25 units, requiring 24 seams to finish the assembly.  Yes, I counted.  I'm a geek that way.  :)

I started sewing.  I sewed and I sewed, taking a breaks for lunch and the bathroom as the need arose.  I checked my email a few times (there wasn't much) and my Facebook account (things were pretty quiet there too).  Mostly I just sewed.  And sewed.  And pressed.  And sewed some more.

But I did it!  Here is one of my finished "A" blocks.  I was hurrying to get this one finished so I could take a photo before the daylight had faded too far.  The photo at the top of the blog shows the pile of all 16 blocks.

Whew!  I'm liking how this is turning out, even though it is a lot of work.  I was going to make this for my daughter, but now I'm thinking that maybe I should just add the borders, make it King sized, and use it for myself.  I mean, every bed in this house EXCEPT mine has a homemade quilt on it.  I think it's time my husband and I had a quilt of our own, don't you?  :)

Tomorrow I'll begin working on the Block B units.  There are only 9 of those... but as I was laying them out tonight, I discovered that I'm short on green squares.  I'll need to cut 24 more before I can assemble those blocks.  That's OK, I'll do it in the morning.  Right now, I'm pooped.  Have a great night!


  1. It looks fantastic!

    You're the second person I've seen who said they needed to cut more green squares, so perhaps Bonnie miscalculated.

  2. Wow! You are really rockin along! I've only gotten one of the "A" blocks made and after looking at it after I got it pressed, I realized that I have the 2nd row sewing in backwards. I have some unsewing to do and I've been putting it off. I guess I'd better get going again or I'll fall too far behind.