Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Making Easy Street: Clue 8 Day 2

More progress has been made on Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt, Easy Street!  Yesterday, I managed to finish all 16 of Block A.  Today I started in on making all 9 of Block B.

Like with Block A, I began Block B by laying out all the pieces I would need.  I needed to cut more of the green 3½" squares, I was short by 24, but that was easy.  :)

Then I got to work.  This block went together quickly (relatively speaking).  There were fewer blocks to make, plus I already knew the order in which I wanted to sew the units together, so there was less head scratching and more sewing going on.  Even with a 2-hour break for lunch and other obligations, I was able to finish all of my B blocks while there was still sunshine!

Of course, I had to see how my A and B blocks played together, so I laid one next to the other.

Oh wow.  There was still sunlight, and after seeing this, I couldn't just pack it up for the night.  So I began to assemble the top.  I decided to make it in two halves and then join them in the middle, like Bonnie recommended.  These blocks are huge, but that makes them come together pretty quickly.  This is as much as I was able to complete before it was time to cook dinner.  I have two of these units, only one is pictured.

I'm liking this more and more!  Originally I was going to make this for my daughter.  But she has two (or is it three?) quilts that I've alread made for her... which she doesn't use.  She prefers the zebra print fuzzy blanket she found at Target.  OK well, since this is going to be pretty big already, I'm just going to make it BIGGER so it will work on my King bed.

Tonight I will design up some additional borders to increase the size of this quilt to a good sized King quilt.  Tomorrow I will finish assembling the blocks, but then I need to take a break to do a commission quilt.  That one will be SUPER easy, especially compared to this project LOL.  Once it is done, I can get back to finishing up this quilt.  Don't worry, I'll share photos once it's done.  :)

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