Friday, December 25, 2015

Allietare Clue 4

Whew, just barely getting this post written in time.  Better late than never, right?  :)

For whatever reason, this clue seemed to take a long time.  Maybe that's because of all the units we had to make, maybe that's because we're also in the midst of Christmas obligations, maybe both.  I finished up late last night (Christmas Eve), so now I can share my progress.

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Here are my pieces all cut out and ready to go.  I'm loving my variety of neutrals!

Now it's time to assemble!  I laid my units out assembly line style, sewing all the pieces for each set together, leaving them chained together until it was time to press.  You can see the ones farthest to the right (next to Bonnie, my Featherweight) are waiting to have the first black triangle sewn on.  The next ones to the left are waiting to have the second black triangle sewn on.  Lastly I have the pairs ready to be sewn together into finished units.

Doing the sewing this way helped to keep boredom at bay.  I was able to switch up what I was doing every four sets.

And here we are, all my units finished!  Finally!  LOL.  I am now ready for Clue #5.

I also have progress to report on the Grand Illusion reboot.  All the blocks are finished, so I started putting them together into tops.  My goal was always to turn the blocks into smaller charity quilts, and I used a setting that I had seen someone share on Facebook.  I wish I knew who it was so I could give proper credit.  She had used yellow and white to create sashing and setting squares, and I liked how it calmed down the blocks so I did the same thing.  I like how it turned out!

This used up some of the blocks.  I want to make another one of these, using blue in place of the yellow.  After that I will have one lone block left over, perhaps I can make a medallion style quilt using the other units that I haven't touched yet.  I'll share photos when I get it done.

Merry Christmas, and Happy Quilting!

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