Monday, December 8, 2014

Grand Illusion: Clue 2

Bonnie unveiled Clue #2 yesterday, hooray! 

You can download the clue from the Quiltville blog until sometime around June 2015, at which point it will be retired for inclusion in a future book.  If you're even thinking of working on this quilt, download the clues and save them... or else you'll have to wait until the book comes out.  :)

Grand Illusion Mystery

 Every Monday after a clue is posted, Bonnie has a Mystery Link-Up where participants can share photos of their progress, like I've done in this blog.  Be sure to check it out and see all the wonderful variations in color and fabric!

Mystery Monday Link-Up, Part 2

As soon as I woke up, I ran to my computer to download the clue for myself.  Because I am on the West Coast, my news feed on Facebook was full of photos of units that others to the East of me had made. What fun!  Unfortunately, I had plans to be out in the morning and only had time to make up two test units before I had to leave.

Bonnie gave us three different methods to make this unit.  I tried her template method, my test unit is on the right.  Unfortunately, it came out a little bit too small, by 1/8".  Next I tried the last method she suggested, the sew-and-flip method, and I got a perfectly sized unit... so this is the method I used for the rest of my units.

All my pieces are cut and ready to be sewn!  In order to keep this from being overwhelming, I attacked this in stages.  I would work on 20 units at a time: sew, trim, flip and press.  This made the job seem more manageable and less daunting.

See?  I got all my units sewn in no time!  :)

And look at that pile of trimmings!  I put my rotary cutter next to it so you can see just how large this pile is.  No, I didn't sew them into HSTs, I honestly don't  have the time right now.  I did save them to my crumbs bag, one of these days I would like to make a crumb quilt.

And voila!  All my blocks for Clue #2 are finished!  I'm really liking how my colors are turning out.

At this point, however, I may need to put the mystery aside.  I just had a BIG project dropped in my lap which I will have to focus on as it actually has a deadline LOL.  Or, I might use the mystery as incentive to keep myself motivated on this deadline project so that I can carve out a little time to play.  We will just have to wait and see what happens.  :)

Have fun, everyone!


  1. Nice job! You are really rolling along :)

  2. It's looking good. I like it with the purple too.

  3. Love the purple with the black and white.