Sunday, November 29, 2015

Allietore Clue 1 and Leaders & Enders

Allietore is in full swing!  Want to play along?  Go to Bonnie's blog for all the information.  Here's the link:

Allietare Mystery

I got together with some new quilting friends today at Sharon's Attic Quilt Shop to work on Clue #1 of the mystery.  It was nice to get out of my house and away from the usual distractions.  This is the only reason why I was able to finish sewing all the units for Clue #1 and get 2/3 of them pressed before I had to head for home.

Another interesting fact is that I'm using my 1947 Featherweight to sew this Mystery.  I don't use this machine nearly as often as I should, because I'm thoroughly enjoying it.  I'll have to promise myself to bring her out to play!

I am using Bonnie's colors this time around, so I don't feel the need to share a photo of all my fabrics.  Look at Bonnie's Intro and you'll know the colors of my fabrics LOL.

But look!  I finished pressing all the units when I got home tonight, and have all my units stored away, ready to be used at a later date.  :)

Here they are, all of my HST completed.  I love the grey that I found, it's technically a Christmas fabric but I love the print and the little touch of red.  I think that will work well with the rest of the fabrics, especially since one of Bonnie's other colors is red.

I am also working on assembling last year's mystery, Grand Illusion.  At that time, I worked on it clue by clue until I had all the units finished, but then life happened at the same time as the big reveal and I had to set it aside.

Here are all my units, patiently waiting in a bin.

Now I'm assembling the blocks as Leaders & Enders, and I got a lot done!  I look forward to making more progress on them next week when I work on Allietore Clue #2.  :)

Happy Quilting to everyone!  I hope you're having fun with your Allietore mystery.  :)


  1. I have a 1947 Featherweight as well. I chose it because it was born the same year I was! Love your colors in last years mystery.

  2. Yay on joining this year even though you aren't done with last year's. I am looking forward to seeing that one come together too!

  3. Good plan to use GIMQ as a Leader/Ender project. Good luck on that and Allietare!

  4. Great that you can make progress on two Bonnie mystery quilts at once using Bonnie's leader/ender technique!

  5. Pretty, pretty GI is hanging in the basement! still have to baste it.. It's not easy being a quilter!

  6. I love your grand illusion colors. I have a 1941 featherweight and love sewing with her. Lovely little HST, such fun ahead of us.